Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doodle Page Of The Day

I usually keep a sketchbook on my desk, and as I work at the computer I doodle. Saving a big file? Doodle. Re-starting your computer because it crashed? Doodle. Doodling while you should be working? Doodle.

I thought this week I would try to put a few of those daily pages up. They won't make much sense, but hey they're fun to do. And I use pencils and a brush pen on real paper! Yesssss.

And yeah, those are my real notes. "Email everybody" is a typical message to myself.


Tony C. said...

These are a ton of fun! You should definitely post these more often.

stephen said...

I love your doodles! Soo much fun! There's an easiness that comes out in your characters when they aren't for any specific purpose that's very appealing. Good stuff as usual!