Friday, April 13, 2007

The Charred Wasteland of Hell Planet

"From the far off kill zone that is Hell Planet, comes a monster the likes of which you have never seen! Made of hardened lava and pure evil, he wanders the bubbling surface searching out intruders who might be set on stealing some of the god's liquid fire. This horrid creature was once a handsome God named Xeonidese, who one day made the big man Zeus angry by trying to mack on his royal daughter. As punishment, Zeus banned him to forever wander the surface of Hell Planet, a crispy overcooked mess. Will he ever earn his soul back?! Will he ever again feel the love of a woman!? Tune in next week for... The Titan From Hell Planet!"

Check out "Drawergeeks" today at 1:00pm est and see what happens!


Paul Conrad said... it!

Tim Baron said...

holy mackeral, this is awesome. Would you mind giving a quick run-down how you did this? I'm guessing brush and photoshop. I'm digging the texture. I love the sort of 1950s Dell comics feel it emotes.

Good stuff!


Animal Qwacker said...

Holy crap, is that nice Jeremy!
Love the vintage horror/sci-fi poster style too!

jim bradshaw said...

This is hot (no pun) stuff paul. I love your style.

Vanhoozerbot said...


Tim: I will try to get around to posting some sort of "How To." Dang schedule may not allow that for a while.

Jim: My name is Jeremy, but I think Paul is hot too!

Bill Z said...

so cool and funny - love it

Greg said...

This really captures the old Monster Movie poster style. Yet another great illustration!