Monday, October 23, 2006

This is far from done, but a look at another color test. I am working to see if I can keep these rough pencils as they are, or do I need to add ink. The answer has not yet been reached.

This is what happens when I get tired, and start to "doodle-wander" in the old sketchbook. I am not sure who in the heck these guys are, but they both scare me a bit.


Tony C. said...

The colored piece looks great. I like the softness that the more rough pencils bring to the edges.

The floating Octopus guy hilarious to me. He looks like he should be a frustrated genius, who get's no repect since he has no thumbs or something.

sarah said...

I am also partial to pencils over inks.... ha ha, that could be just that I'm personally scared of inking things though :)

I'm sure whatever way you end up rendering things out it will look Vanhoozertastic!

mike said...

Really great stuff... found your work over at Drawergeeks... you have some imagination!