Tuesday, October 03, 2006

As the Rocket Dreams story develops, there are some very interesting characters emerging.
This is a concept for one of the baddies, where he has plugged into a giant robotic suit.
These drawings that you will see in the next few weeks are really rough ideas, and merely
my first attempts at fleshing out a big strange world.

And besides, what is cooler than brain creatures in jars.
I ask you.



Yancy Street said...


Nothing is cooler than brain creatures in jars.

Except maybe your new blog...that's pretty darn cool.

Good 'on ya mate!

chandlerrice9836418827 said...

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sarah said...

Ugh! Spam comments! Mine got hit with those too at first.

Glad to see you are on blogger too! I'm hoping to do a big update on my links tonight so I'll be sure to swap out yours for this one :)