Monday, November 29, 2010

A Tangled Holiday

I am settling back in this morning after taking last week off for the holiday, so I had even less time than usual this morning to sketch something out. This is truly a "color rough" that is nowhere near anything that I would normally show... but that is how we roll here on the blog. Throw it all out there.

I did want to mention that I saw "Tangled" this weekend. (as you might have been able to tell by my scribble above) I admit that I went in with my arms crossed, prepared to be let down once again by a "visually decent yet lacking in overall quality" movie. I was completely wrong. I loved it. I could feel myself smiling throughout almost the entire film. I was watching a great Disney feature film! The animation was spectacular, and I would recommend anyone looking to become a 3D animator go see this film just so you know where the bar has been set. The story, in my opinion, was well paced and a fun watch. Go see the movie.


Vero said...

è molto bello. Che bella sensazione!

Emerson Fialho Art Blog said...

Jeremy, você está sempre de parabéns! Excelente ilustração. Tons suaves e sombras magníficas...

Grande abraço.