Monday, May 24, 2010

Invading The iPad

I know what you are thinking. "Why is Jeremy posting a little kid's drawings on his blog?" Well, I am that little kid, and these are examples of me getting comfortable drawing on my shiny new iPad. Did I need an iPad? Nope. Is it beautiful and my new best friend? Yep. As of now I am not able to produce much more than a scribble, but I do feel like once I get used to the tools I will expand my mobile horizons a bit.

Yeah, I am a nerd. I accept that.


Kevin Barba said...

nice ipad sketches! be sure to post your work if you get a chance over at There are many great artist on there.

Breadwig said...

Sweet! Are you using your fingers to paint these or do you have some sort of stylus for ipad?

Ev said...

Welcome to the revolution! Viva la iPad!

kanishk said...

really you are great artist.
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