Monday, April 12, 2010

Headin South

Hello and Happy Monday!

This week, I pack the family truckster, and head to Florida for a mini-vacation. We will be visiting with family, and of course going to Walt Disney World. I have the opportunity to now see the parks through my kid's eyes, and it is pretty cool. Not only do I remember hanging out at the Magic Kingdom with my Grandfather when I was a child, but I also had the chance to work there for many years growing up. It's also where I got my first professional art job, so my memories of the place run deep.

This week though, my role is "Dad." I make sure things happen. Yes we can ride Buzz Lightyear. Yes Cinderella wants to see you. Yes we CAN make it to the bathroom. No, you can't have another ice cream.

While I won't have time to post on the blog, I will try to tweet. Follow me on Twitter! (Wow that even sounded lame.) I promise some photos, and plenty of witty banter. Ok. Maybe only the first part.

Thanks so much for following the blog, and I look forward to my 600th post the week I return!


stephen said...

Have fun Jeremy!

Lesley Vamos said...

Thats awesome! I know what you mean, I remember when I made that sort of transition from kid to the one responsible - I was driving my little sister and her friend to a party (she's 10 years younger) and I realised I could no longer sit in the back and know with confidence whoever was driving knew what they were doing... it was a strange feeling