Monday, March 29, 2010

See The Dragons

So, I went to see "How To Train Your Dragon" over the weekend, and absolutely loved it. The movie was beautiful. I need to give a special mention to Nicolas Marlet who was the character designer on the project. (Also on Kung Fu Panda, Over The Hedge, Madagascar, Sinbad, Road to ElDorado, Etc.) The guy is a genius. My dream is to one day be half as good.

The story is solid. The animation is great. The modeling team knocked it out of the park. The action scenes are beautiful. It was my three year old's first 3D movie, and he loved it.

Go see this movie please. Support good animation.


Lesley Vamos said...


YEah I liked the movie too - Nico is a bit of a genius ^_^

Stacey D said...

I saw it was fantastic!! It was my 5yr olds first 3D movie and he thought that it was awesome. I loved it!!

Muffin said...

I definitely will go see it! :) cant wait.