Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monster Airplane Ride

A quick sketch for this morning. One of my favorite movies on the planet is Monster's Inc, and I loved the relationship between Sully and "Boo." Having a little daughter of my own now (who happens to love Monster's Inc as much as I do) I can appreciate the dynamic even more.

Speaking of my lovely almost two year old daughter, she has developed a habit of sneaking into my office at home and using my computer. I kid you not. She will hop up in my chair, grab my Cintiq pen, and go to town on whatever file I have open at the time. She also likes to open every application I have in my menu bar just to see how much RAM my computer actually has. I think I will post some of her art "adjustments" that she has given me on several of my pieces. Some of her critiques are right on.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for the extremely kind words regarding my "Where The Wild Things Are" piece. The comments left here on the blog and in my email box were very supportive and it means the world to me. I thank everyone from the bottom of my scribbling heart. I am very sad to say however that I was not smart enough to document my process, so no video exists. I have a few more pieces that I would like to do using this method, so I will be sure to record every step and share with you all.



Tony C. said...

Great sketch! Monsters Inc. is my second favorite Pixar flick behind the Incredibles (though UP is no moving up the list).

Chris Boyd said...

Ha Ha. Great pic. My daughter and I love Monsters Inc. too. I just got it on DVD (The video tap wore out) and we watched it 5 times in about 2 weeks.

I hadn't watched it in a while, and had forgotten how great it was.