Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And This Is How We Will Do It


Javier Molina said...

Dont remeber if i asked you before, but for these sketches what image size and resolution are you using in painter. My current sketch in painter is width :8400pix height: 6000pix with a resolution of 1200.00 pixels per inch. Im assuming this is toooo much for my lil mackbook to handle? The speed of my brush strokes is normal but sometimes when i erase it moves really slow. What size would you recommend? FYI.. This post need some dialogue! Ahem.. Launch cordinator: 10 minutes till launch.. I repeat 10 minutes till launch! Clear the platform, prepare for retro booster activation!

Anonymous said...

pretty sure that retro boosters are used once you are actually in space and want to reverse/stall direction, not for taking off.