Monday, August 11, 2008

Not Yeti

Hey everybody. It is Monday once again, and I am back to work. I found out that the next Drawergeek's topic was "Yeti" and I started doodling right away. It might just be the best topic ever in the whole world.

I really appreciate the comments that are left here on the blog, and I promise to actually start responding to them. I am JUST beginning to settle into my new life here in Atlanta, and hopefully I can get on track with the little things. I just wanted to say that I whole heartedly appreciate the support.


Breadwig said...

That is Yetillustrious!

Vanhoozerbot said...

I can only assume that is a good thing! Thanks dude.

Mette Vestergaard Madsen said...

I really like your style and coloring! I've noticed you at and your style is very recognizable, and I enjoy looking at it :)

By the way, I think Drawegeeks is a cool idea, do you know the secret of becoming a member?

- Mette