Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Donut Punisher

"He suddenly realized that he could in fact enjoy another donut,
since he was scheduled to do three pull ups later that afternoon."


Nelson Gonzalez said...

After the pull ups, the dreaded Bavarian Cream Crunches were scheduled to round out the afternoon routine. Luckily, a latte bath would soon follow.

aintshakespeare said...

3 pull ups per donut? That sounds about right. Maybe on the high side.

I like the way the skull buckle looks like he's holding his breath. Excellent.

Breadwig said...

Looks like he's going for the pink frosting. Good choice.

Kellee Riley said...

Hi Jeremy! Thanks for your comment on my artwork! I've looked through your website and blog here and I'm humbled! Amazing talent you have! (By the way, I really love the Drog concepts....I just want to take one home with me!) I live in Harmony, FL - just outside of Saint Cloud. Feel free to keep in touch (kriley@kelleeart.com). I'm definitely linking you to my inspirations! Thanks again! :)