Monday, March 17, 2008

The Cleaners

I decided to color up my last ink doodle, and as usual I got a bit carried away. The composition is a bit off, but I sketched all of these characters together by accident so that is what I get.

The Cleaners (Formerly posted as The Scrubbers) are a team of un-registered robots that are hired to do "dirty work." You see, in the future, robots are everywhere and all must be registered. After all, if they aren't registered, they would be... untraceable! These guys are like a robotic underworld swat team, working for the highest bidder. Some are obviously robotic, while others hide their mechanics quite nicely. All are talented at dishing out death... and all have robotic skeletons in the closet.

So there.


Tony C. said...

Mr. VanH, You are a bad bad man!

I love the addition of the logos.

NelsonG said...

This is a really neat concept. Roninbots for hire. I would really enjoy seeing this as a graphic novel. This has a nice imaginative retro quality.

Very nice. I like it.

Simon Scales said...

great concept Jeremy....keep em coming man!!!

Breadwig said...

dude, you keep coming up with more and more stuff I want to see developed into full stories. How you do that?

sarah said...

So very cool... I agree with Brian. This is should be a story!