Monday, January 21, 2008

Thuggish Germs

Over the last week, nasty Germs like this one have been bullying my entire family. We all got sick! And when you have children that are sick, you know good and well that it only takes one loving sneeze to the face to take you down with them. Hopefully we are on the upswing, and will send this guy and all of his friends packing.
Also, some fun terms I learned this week:
Lung Cookie
Phlegm Biscuit
Lung Butter
Nose Gravy


sarah said...

Mmm, nose gravy. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Love the germ's tattoo and also his mean mean eyebrows. :)

Breadwig said...

Lung Butter was always my favorite. Always makes me think of spreading it on toast.

Kim Herbst said...

...aaaagh... Lung Cookie? ouchies. Feel better soon! Great illustration, love his eyes!