Friday, November 30, 2007

Sneetch Friday

Today's Drawergeeks was sort of a free-for-all. "Star Belly" is the topic, and it was up to us to draw what that would look like. I had half an hour to get mine done this week, and the extreme lack of polish shows just that.

In my mind, the Star Belly Sneetchers are the little critters that live behind and under the items on your desk. They also might be full of static electricity to attract the dust and food crumbs they so enjoy. At night, as I stumble away from my keyboard, headed for sleepy night-night land, they emerge. Because they are a mischievous bunch, no half full Mt. Dew can or partially eaten Power Bar is safe. The Star Belly's also leave quite the collection of droppings in their wake. It looks like pencil shavings, but it's not. Their only purpose is to mess up your desk, and move things slightly to the left or right. In the morning, they retire to their nooks and crannies so that they might rest up for the busy night ahead.

Happy Friday

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Muffin said...

lol, how cute, jeremy. :)