Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Get Along Little Franky

Taking a break from the robotic letters for a bit. They won't stop at "G", but "H" may not show up until maybe next week.

This is a rough idea for the next Drawergeeks. The topic is "Universal Monsters", and I thought about doing western themed posters for each monster. The final look would be painted and texture filled. Lets see how far I get on these, considering all I have is "warm up" time.

Happy Hump Day


mike said...

great idea! i hope you see this through. even if you don't get them all done by next friday.

Simon Scales said...

Hey Jeremy - i really like the line quality of this sketch - really nice - 1 thing i would say tho is maybe work on the pose with the hand holding the gun - it looks a bit girly at the mo!! :)
other than that its coming along real well

sarah said...

Awesome. I really hope you do all of them, although even if it's just this one, it rocks a whole bunch.

LOVE the robot letters too. So cool...